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An 80s Teen SCI-FI Coming Soon.


In a 1980’s world, a 15-year-old computer nerd named Beckett O’Connell, is on a quest for popularity by becoming the next V-TV™ sensation. With many failed attempts to create an audience with his channel, “This is Going Viral,” Beckett becomes more and more desperate for fame.

One week, when Beckett’s parents go out of town and leave him and his older sister Kimberly alone for the first time, Beckett and his best friend Jay, tirelessly search for answers to become famous on the V-TV™. Just when they’re about to give up hope, Beckett accidentally stumbles across a  channel on the platform called Viral University and an Artificial Intelligence by the name of Mr. Viral.

Upon arriving to school the next day, Beckett finds out that his latest video has over one hundred thousand views. Beckett is finally becoming the V-TV™ star he’s always wanted to be and rapidly gaining popularity among his peers. But he soon finds out that fame comes at a great cost and Mr. Viral is playing him like a puppet to win his soul.

Just as Beckett is about to lose the friendships of those he cares for the most, he discovers Mr. Viral’s plan and realizes he is the one behind all the most famous V-TV™phenoms (aka - Toy Twins, Slime Girl, Lego Boy, etc.) With his wit, and with extreme caution, Beckett tries to figure out how to stop and destroy Mr. Viral and seeks out help from an underground, former V-TV™ gamer by the name of “Samurai.” With the strategy of Samurai and his own tech intelligence, Beckett and his friends end up in an epic battle with Mr. Viral and his other Internet puppets to save his friends and ultimately win his soul back.


Concept Teaser


Instant fame is one click away.

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